Welcome to the Vaelor/Thyl’ith/Lotharia campaign!


The campaign has been on-going for over 15 years. It has “ended” at least once, and has been put on hiatus a number of times. But, time after time, it has been revived. The characters are quite well established, characterized, and experienced at this point. About 9 years of in game time has passed and the characters are currently level 15.

The campaign is set in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting and I have made a number of small changes from the vanilla locations & people as presented in the campaign setting books. The campaign started out in no specific year, but has since been established in a specific timeline – starting about 1363DR and currently 1372DR. The breadth of the campaign has been from Waterdeep in the north to Tethyr in the south to Tantras & Raven’s Bluff in the east.

When the campaign started we were using AD&D 2nd Edition and we have slowly evolved into AD&D 3rd edition, AD&D 3.5th edition and now into Pathfinder. The source material comes from every different version and non-D&D or Forgotten Realms sources.

The story started out simply – lowly level 1 adventurer’s seeking to earn some coin, make a name for themselves and experience the world… in the tried and true fashion of protecting a caravan traveling south from Waterdeep to Baldur’s Gate.

The campaign can be broken down into a number of acts, and some of those acts are so big they probably could be broken down even further! Below is a summary of the acts to date:


AD&D 2nd Edition
Heroe’s are born! Levels 1-5.

  • Signed up for caravan protection duty from Waterdeep to Baldur’s Gate
  • Interrupted with tracking and searching the wilds
  • Discovering the lair of bandits followed by destroying them and the BBEG
  • Arrival in and minor adventures in Baldur’s Gate
  • Escorting a person of note, Edilson, from Baldur’s Gate to Tethyr for the shipping company
  • Side adventures in Amn & Port Kir (Vampires!)
  • Securing a lucrative trading contract with the Queen of Tethyr for Edilson by traveling into the mountains to fight Orcs, Giants and Orogs.

The Holds of Terrick Kasthra

  • The PC’s are hired to find the four holds of the ancient dragon slayer, Terrick Kasthra, to fund the Queen of Tethyr’s civil war effort

Hold 1

  • Traveling to the northern reaches of the Kingdom to battle Skeletons, Zombies, and Kuo-toa
  • Riddles are deciphered, castles are partially ruined and a hoard of treasure is recovered

Hold 2

  • Traveling to Amn to find the… oh fuck… 255 Gibberlings end the campaign.

At this point the campaign ended for some time. Other campaigns were attempted, we all moved apart for long periods and things seemed over for good…

Hold 2
AD&D 2nd Edition
Level 6-7

  • Rebirth! The PC’s are raised (minus their page and companion), they gain several new companions, and they set about finally solving that 2nd hold.
  • A skull gorge is discovered, the river is plumbed, dangerous traps and tricks are avoided, and an entire store of treasure is recovered.


  • At this point it should be noted that the players started to find the Queen’s actions (or the actions of the Queen’s subjects?) slightly disturbing.
  • The players set off to find the 3rd hold far in the north – but not before one of their companions is killed by giant-kin, killing a were-wolf themselves, and then faking the death of another.
  • Kaelen acquires a new axe and rediscovers his belief in a new god (and thus begins his character’s redemption as a Paladin)

Hold 3
AD&D 2nd Edition
Levels 7-8

  • The PC’s travel far into the north and into the wilds of the High Forest
  • Evil wizards, drow, giant spiders, shadows, SUPER ORCS, and much fun ensues
  • Hold 3 is a bust – someone has already looted it!

Interlude 2
AD&D 2nd Edition
Level 8-9

  • Rather than bring back bad news to Tethyr the PC’s…
  • Get whisked off to live under the sea, fight sea hags, giant crabs and eels, lose appendages, and eventually fight an insane elf
  • Track their way all over the north seeking bandits, after finding bandits, they sneak into bandit camp to assassinate the BBEG, Kaelen decides to wake up the BBEG, they also let the BBEG armour himself, and finally they slaughter the BBEG.
  • Get banned from Waterdeep and are ushered eastwards in pursuit of holy redemption (Kaelen) and the reported 4th hold.
  • Encounter a dying man with a map and wander off into the countryside in search of a tomb. A companion dies.
  • Meet the High Cleric of Torm in Tantras. Kaelen has geas cast on him (HELLLLOOOO PALADINS).
  • Wander into the north lands tasked by Torm himself to assassinate some bad humanoids.
  • Zhentil Keep is visited. Things go poorly, but a goal is accomplished.
  • The mustering point of the Zhent armies is visited. Things go very poorly.
  • “I bet you can’t kill him with one shot…” “Shit, sorry dude?”
  • A demi-god arrives on Faerun followed by his death and a large explosion
  • Kaelen resumes the whole Paladin thing
  • The PC’s participate in the great games of Raven’s Bluff (Circa 2008 Beijing Olympics)

Hold 4

  • Much sleuthing is done around Raven’s Bluff as the games are on going and eventually the 4th hold is sussed out and claimed
  • Raven’s Bluff is fled with a new companion in tow as the authorities take offense to the claiming of the aforementioned hold

Interlude 3
AD&D 3rd/3.5th Edition
Levels 9-10

  • The PC’s venture into Cormanthyr at the request of the last Elven lord of Cormanthyr
  • Things are recovered, a PC dies, a new PC appears, Pit Fiends are RUN THE FUCK AWAY from
  • A caravan of fleeing elves are escorted west into Cormyr
  • The City of Arabel is attacked by a horde of goblins and the PC’s pitch in by recovering dead King Azoun, slaughtering countless green monsters and trying to loot the King-slaying red dragon
  • They wander off to the extradimensional plane of Grodd to find the source of the King-slaying dragon and do so (BAD ELVES).
  • After arriving in Suzail the party’s tricksy bard convinces them to wander into northern Cormyr to take care of the Queen Regent’s small problem of a frighteningly evil wizard doing BAD THINGS there.
  • A large dungeon is explored, numerous “crikey” things happen and a wizard’s head is secured for return to Suzail
  • They depart west seeking the more familiar environs of the Sword Coast with the Queen Regent’s blessing
  • They arrive once again on the Sword Coast and decide to take care of matters in Waterdeep
  • Turns out Edilson is a Devil and they are now double-banned from Waterdeep after killing said devil and destroying more of the city

Conclusion of the Holds

  • The PC’s discover upon their return to Tethyr that the Queen they had been helping so valiantly was actually a really bad person and she has them imprisoned
  • They are rescued by a woman, Zaranda Star, and her merry band of odd folk
  • They track down the 5th hold of Terrick Kasthra and find out that the Queen is more than merely a really bad person – she is also a Pit Fiend.
  • Another devil is slain.
  • Their friend and most trusted Cleric companion is imprisoned… forever.
  • They also find out that the party’s tricksy bard is not so bad a person after all – he’s the legitimate King of Tethyr.


AD&D 3.5th Edition/Pathfinder
Levels 10-12

  • The PC’s are sent to the far corners of the Kingdom to seek aid in reclaiming the Kingdom of Tethyr for their friend, Haedrak, the last true heir to the throne of Tethyr. They also find out that the common people of Tethyr are clamouring for Zaranda Star, the PC’s saviour from earlier that week, to be the new Queen. A marriage alliance is struck.
  • Upon their return the King hands them a scroll and tasks them with rescuing their friend and with venturing south into the awful, evil, terrible, nasty city of Shoonach to recover an artifact of great power.
  • The PC’s clamber around the city slaughtering undead, giant snake men, more undead, wolf companions of the party, newly discovered halfling companions, orcs, giants, and top it off by pissing off a dragon by raiding its lair.
  • They meet clerics of Tyr and defeat a lich, track down a lost dwarven city and kill an undead Thane, track down Drow murderers and kill them, and finally plumb the depths of an entire Illithich den. All in a day’s work.
  • They escape Shoonach with 4 pieces (out of 5) of an evil scepter and return to fight in their King’s upcoming war.

War in Tethyr

Levels 12-14

  • The PC’s find their king missing and mistakenly attack their Cormyrian allies with fire
  • They rescue their King and companions
  • They are sent to destroy the Thieves’ Guild of Saradush and do so – scattering them to the winds
  • They convince a man to kill himself and then take his castle while forcing his son to bend the knee
  • They aid in the capture of a city and see yet another usurper king fall
  • They turn an entire city against its usurper Queen and then assassinate her during her breakfast meal
  • They participate in the massive Battle of the Broken Plain, destroy a minor artifact, kill a Cornugon, and aid in the rout of the enemy armies.
  • The PC’s are rewarded generously for their efforts in the war.

The Intervening Years

Level 14

  • The PC’s are given land and duties by the King as they begin to learn how to rule over a Duchy while preparing to venture south towards the Forests of Mir.
  • The PC’s adventure in the dark and evil filled corners of the kingdom of Tethyr as they seek to establish and stabilise a war torn realm.
  • A huge cast of new characters are introduced as the Dukes of the Realm assemble their retinues and begin pacifying their new homelands.

1. The Green Drake Hunt
2. The Banshee Hunt
3. The Black Dragon Hunt
4. The Green Dragon Hunt

The Legacy of Mir

Level 15-??

  • The PC’s follow Paran on a divine mission given by Corellan Larethian into the forests of Mir. Paran is tasked with discovering the Coronal’s Regalia – the legendary accouterments of the last Emperor of Keltormir.
  • Paran is tasked with using the recovered items to create a mythal as a sign to the Elven people that The Retreat must end.

Cast and Crew

The party has had two names, one summarily rejected by the DM (Two Wolves of the Apocalypse) and another that was slowly adopted, and has become the official moniker of choice (The Wardens of Steel).

The Wardens of Steel

Special Guest Stars

Previous Members

  • Vieri Thyl’ith – Ranger
    • Killed by Gibberlings.
    • Killed by devil poison.
  • A High Elf Wizard
    • Shot in the eye by a crossbow bolt.
  • A Dwarven Fighter
    • Slaughtered by Gibberlings.
  • Fenris – A young Tethyrian Page
    • Slaughtered by Gibberlings.
  • Corrack – Rogue
    • Slaughtered when a boulder fell on his head.
  • Evrain – Rogue
    • Fate Unknown.
  • Corbenic Jeharaz – Bard
    • Retired.
  • Kaie – Illusionist
    • Turned into a chicken mcnugget by a Death Knight’s fireball.
  • Grand Vizier Valthalas Avaless – Wizard
    • Retired.
  • Duchess Amee Greenleaf – Ranger
    • Retired.
  • Azgool – Wizard
    • Shot in the eye by a longbow arrow.
  • Silver the Wolf – Amee’s Animal Companion
  • Tanner Lightfoot – Rogue
    • Slaughtered by giants and orcs in an arena.

Vaelor / Thyl'ith / Lotharia Campaign

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