Recent Updates






  • Updated current date to Greengrass 1372
  • Updated all news up to Greengrass 1372


  • Minor updates to news for 1369 regarding new resources found in Kir & Teth (Eleasis, Eleint, Uktar)
  • Separated out all of the News sections to make it easier to navigate to from the main page (and reduce the size of the main page)




  • Updated Black Manor (finished construction)
  • Updated Kirguard Fortress (continuing construction)
  • Updated Overbluff Keep (all damage repaired)
  • Updated Riverguard Keep (continuing construction)
  • Updated Stillsalt Keep (repairs underway)
  • Updated Port Kir City Walls (continuing construction)
  • Updated Kaelen holdings (new constructions, new businesses – incomplete)


  • Removed Adventuring Opportunities from the main page
  • Added Flamerule 1369 News
  • Added Midsummer 1369 News


  • Updated current date to Midsummer 1369


  • Updated Paran follower XP for Flamerule
  • Updated Paran holdings for Flamerule
  • Updated Paran construction projects Flamerule
  • Updated Teth villages & towns for Flamerule
  • Added important people to Teth villages & towns
  • Teth is now into Flamerule!


  • Updated a few portrait pictures of existing characters
  • Removed Border Negotiations RP option
  • Added month 6 decisions event


  • Added Teth’s Kythorn news
  • Added new adventure option (Orc Undermines)
  • Updated Production & Earnings to Growth, Production & Earnings
  • Clarified Business Earnings Calculations & Added Operating Costs
  • Updated “Social Combat” document


  • Updated Businesses in Kaelen & Paran Holdings
  • Adjusted cost of top tier roads slightly


  • Updated Castle Highmoon construction progress for Kythorn 1369
  • Added & Created the Treeway and Crescent Moon Hall on the main page
  • Added 2 new adventuring parties to Paran’s Holdings
  • Updated Businesses in Paran’s Holdings
  • Added new constructions to Paran’s Personal Holdings
  • Updated Paran Follower Experience for Kythorn
  • Added Lorgaro and Mahatla Motivations and History in Paran Followers
  • Updated Towns & Villages of Teth


  • First update in AGES
  • Removed Green Drake Hunt from potential adventures


  • Finished all the last bits of the Royal Tournament stuff
  • Started adding “Last Updated” to all pages which get updated on a monthly basis in anticipation of a hiatus


  • Fourteenth day of the Royal Tournament results
  • Fifteenth day of the Royal Tournament results
  • Misc Royal Tournament lists & organisation
  • Round Robin Review Days 11-15
  • Round Robin Review
  • Updated Rules (Pot Shares and how the tree is drawn)
  • Finished Final Playoffs, Playoff Tree, Final Matchups, and Final standings! Juras is the winner!


  • Thirteenth day of the Royal Tournament results


  • Twelfth day of the Royal Tournament results


  • Eleventh day of the Royal Tournament results


  • Tenth day of the Royal Tournament results
  • Review of the Tournament so far (Days 6-10)


  • Ninth day of the Royal Tournament results


  • Eighth day of the Royal Tournament results


  • Sixth day of the Royal Tournament results
  • Seventh day of the Royal Tournament results


  • Review of the Tournament so far (Days 1-5)


  • Fifth day of the Royal Tournament results
  • Updated Tournament rules (simple clarifications, increased tree size to 16)


  • Fourth day of the Royal Tournament results


  • Third day of the Royal Tournament results


  • Second day of the Royal Tournament results


  • First day of the Royal Tournament results


  • Reorganized Royal Tournament information
  • Started Adding Royal Tournament participants and outlines


  • Updated House Kevanarial (Lesser Houses)


  • Updated Caravels to have proper information


  • Updated businesses agreements (Kaelen & Paran)
  • Added Employee Pay to Production & Earnings


  • Added production & earnings rules to estimate coin/item production from followers and businesses
  • Updated all Cities/Villages to correctly identify farmers
  • Updated businesses under Holdings to conform to the new rules
  • Added Turenskel Manor (Valemouth, Firedrake Mountains, Kir)
  • Updated under construction buildings (except Teth)


  • Updated Kaelen Holdings & Organizations
  • Added new Warehouse construction options
  • Updated all of Kaelen’s Followers XP and select Follower Motivations
  • Added News for Kythorn 1369
  • Added 2 new guild halls (Fighter’s Guild & Wizard’s Guild)
  • Added updated Duchy of Kir map for Kythorn
  • Added Fighter’s Guild and Wizard’s Guild


  • Added examples to building city walls and clarified rules slightly
  • Reorganized Strongholds section slightly
  • Added new Strongholds & Constructions
  • Added Kirguard Fortress, Port Kir City Walls, Mosstone Palisade Walls
  • Combined Holdings & Follower Organizations together
  • Updated the current date to the end of Kythorn
  • Updated Kaelen Organizations & Holdings – Added 2 new adventuring parties


  • Added guidelines to building city walls


  • Removed Banshee Hunt RP


  • Added House Rules listing to main Wiki page
  • Added Character Turning Skill Challenge rules
  • Added “Social Combat” rules


  • Added missing news item for Eleasis 1369
  • Added Overbluff Keep (Degon’s Rest, Emerald Hills, Kir)
  • Added “Possible RP” options
  • Updated Castle Highmoon to fix incorrect pricing and add cost reductions due to spellcasting


  • Updated Kaelen Follower Organizations (2 new businesses)
  • Date Updated to the end of Mirtul
  • Updated all Towns/Cities in Kir & Teth


  • Added 2 new building templates
  • Added Paran Follower – Organizations
  • Updated All Follower Pages (XP, Motivations, Organizations, Origins)


  • Added building templates
  • Added new components
  • Updated Castle Highmoon
  • Added Mirtul 1369 news


  • Added Royal Tournament guidelines
  • Updated Caravel name in both Kaelen and Paran holdings
  • Updated Kaelen Organizations
  • Updated Kaelen Followers (Berandaen level & L1 —> L2’s)
  • Grand Hierophant Pellan has prepared a list of the banned deities in Tethyr


  • Added Lotharia Estate in Suldanessellar
  • Updated name in Paran Holdings
  • Removed Public Town Hall from Kaelen Holdings


  • Updated Greater Houses and Lesser Houses (Greengrass marriages)
  • Updated the date
  • Added caravels to personal holdings in Zazesspur
  • Updated Paran’s Suldanessellar house
  • Updated Lord Desbiens to be Marshal of Kir


  • Updated populations for Cities, Towns, Villages of both Kir and Teth
  • Updated follower XP / training for both Kaelen & Paran
  • Updated new follower motivations for Kaelen & Paran
  • Added Tarsakh & Greengrass news


  • Updated Stronghold Building Guide to refine Gatehouse + Barbican + Tower setup


  • Added Kirvale Castle


  • Updated Castle Highmoon numbers to not be stupid
  • Added tents to Paran holdings


  • Updated Paran Followers – XP & Motivations
  • Added Teth map for Ches 1369
  • Added Towns & Villages of Teth
  • Keep of the Eight renamed to Castle Highmoon in as many places as I can find
  • Added Castle Highmoon as a Stronghold example


  • Updated Ches News with Lotharia children names, new name for Keep of the Eight, and new name for the village outside of Castle Highmoon
  • Added Ducal House portion of House Lotharia
  • Added Paran Vieri Lotharia & Andaril Illythia Lotharia to House Lotharia
  • Asalla Lotharia no longer Heir to the Lands of Lotharia & Parallas Lotharia no longer Heir to House Lotharia
  • Updated Campaign date to 30th of Ches, 1369.


  • Added betrothal announcements to Hammer 1369 News
  • Added Stronghold Building Tips
  • Updated the Castle Tethyr example costs (Overall Modifier is applied first, construction modifiers are then applied to the adjusted total)
  • Re-organized and added information to Kaelen Followers – Organizations
  • Added Holdings for Kaelen & Paran


  • Added Paran’s Followers – Level Advancement & XP
  • Added Paran’s Followers – Motivations
  • Added Paran’s Followers – Origins
  • Added reference to Ches Duchy of Kir Map on Wiki page
  • Added Hammer 1369 News
  • Added Cavil the Just news item for Ches 1369 News
  • Updated Cavil the Just’s honorary titles in ‘The Lesser Houses’
  • Added House Thandaruil to the Minor Houses of Teth
  • Added Calendar entry for the official month change
  • Updated some character names (official landed titles)
  • Added more months/festival days to the News Feed
  • Added Kir/Teth baronies to Kingdom Titles list
  • Updated Ducal House template with a bit more information
  • Updated Kaelen Followers – Organizations to have a bit nicer layout and more information on the Lions of Saradush
  • Added Castle Tethyr Stronghold example


  • Added Kaelen’s Followers – Motivations
  • Added Kaelen’s Followers – History
  • Updated Kaelen’s followers’ XP
  • Updated Town of Port Kir
  • Added Duchy of Kir Towns
  • Updated Kaelen Followers – Organizations
  • Added Ches 1369 Duchy of Kir map
  • Added Ches 1369 News
  • Added 2 more new entries (unfilled)


  • Added Duchy & County maps
  • Added Teth map
  • Changed Kir map link to go to the raw


  • Added Alturiak 1369 News for the Duchy of Teth
  • Added Minor Houses of Teth
  • Added more villages to the Duchy of Teth
  • Added Map (Duchy of Kir Map – more maps to come)
  • Added Town of Port Kir (testing villages & map linking)


  • Updated House Vaelor under the Great Houses
  • Added Followers sections (XP & Advancement, Motivations, Organizations, Origins)


  • Added guidelines for building strongholds
  • Added Ducal Houses template
  • Added Taxes & Laws of Tethyr
  • Re-arranged wiki slightly


  • Added Cities, Towns, Villages links & references (no actual data)


  • Added Personal Histories for Amee Greenleaf and Vallatha
  • Added Personal History references for Vajra Valmejar and Zaranda Star


  • Added Kingdom News section
  • Updated Great Houses (Added Kaleb Adamar’s honourary title, Removed Knight of Vel)
  • Updated Lesser Houses (House Breckeridge, House Oldwen, House of Riamant, House Maret)
  • Updated Minor Houses (Ith, Kir, Myr, Northern Plains, Saradush, Vel)


  • Added adventure log for 9/8/2012 (End of the War in Tethyr campaign)


  • Added Mottos, Symbol, Colours, Flag and Coat of Arms to all the Lesser Houses
  • Updated Amee Greenleaf under The Great Houses
  • Added reference for Amee Greenleaf personal history


  • Added Mottos, Symbol, Colours, Flag and Coat of Arms to all the Great Houses except Lotharia and Vaelor
  • Added Minor Houses of Sar-a-dush reference
  • Updated Minor Houses
    • Fixed missing Knighthoods for House Haldare, House Ondersey and House Tisdale in Vel
    • Removed misplaced house from Ith
    • Removed misplaced house from Myr


  • Added Personal History for Paran Lotharia
  • Updated House Lotharia (ages, order of children)
  • Added ‘The Intervening Years’ to the home page
  • Fenris? really?


  • Minor change to the party order on the overview page
  • Added Personal History for Corbenic Jeharaz and Lauryll’ana Thandaruil
  • Added the current date


  • Added the Personal Histories section (Baderon Pellan, Kaelen Vaelor, Haldosar of Tethyr)
  • Updated the layout of the Nobility section
  • Added a large number of the minor houses to the nobility
  • Added the Divine Precepts section
  • Updated House Vaelor

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