Port Kir City Walls

Port Kir City Walls (Last Updated: Flamerule 1369)

The Port Kir City Walls are built along the highest ridge which runs in a large crescent between the northern and the southern plateaus overlooking the calm waters of the Port. The northern gatehouse lies on a small flat directly under the north plateau, while the south gate is built on one of the highest points of the ridge.

City Size 7,000 SS ~ 17,500 max population
Wall Material Hewn Stone (6’, 1,200gp)
Wall Width 12’ (2,400gp)
Wall Height 20’ (2,400gp + 4,800gp = 7,200gp)


Component Number Cost per Component Total
Wall Section 14 7,200gp 100,800gp
Gatehouses 2 500gp 1,000gp
Barbicans 2 500gp 1,000gp
Towers 18 1,300gp 23,400gp
Sub-Total 126,200gp
Modifier (-1%) -1,262gp
Modifier (-50% Hewn Stone – Wall of Stone) -49,896gp
Construction Started Kythorn 1369
Total Cost 12,030gp7sp8cp / 75,042gp
Total Weeks 8 / 49.9 weeks
Total Labourers 50

Port Kir City Walls

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