Personal History of Vallatha

Vallatha’s parents were a little known student and ward of Lady Alustriel of Silverymoon, Haldosar of Tethyr, and Valla, a wood elf from the northern wilds along the Spine of the World. She was the fruit of an illicit union between the two when Valla was brought to the city to study magic. Once news of Valla’s pregnancy reached her father, however, she was removed from the school and Haldosar was sent away. Valla never saw him again.

Nor did Valla truly get to experience the world as she had hoped to do. A difficult day late in the year saw her give birth during a terrible winter storm. Vallatha later learned that her wailing had brought down the dragon known as “The White Death”, Golagoth. Valla’s father had long hunted and desired to kill the ancient white wyrm, but knew better than to tangle with him alone. When Golagoth surprised him, his daughter and his new half-elven granddaughter he was overwhelmed.

Vallatha somehow survived the ancient white’s onslaught, but her mother and grandfather were not so lucky. She does not remember much of her early years, but she came to regard the being that saved her that night, Kalisthat, as her father. During her early years Kalisthat, to all outward appearances a half-elven ranger, raised Vallatha as his own daughter. She can recall him looking at her with great curiosity many times over the years. As she grew he began to teach her how to live and survive in the snow and desolate mountains.

By her 10th birthday Vallatha was already a capable hunter, and while she lacked the strength and vitality of an adult her knowledge of the wilds was developing at an incredible rate. Kalisthat infrequently met with other travellers of the wilds, many of whom were half-elves. Vallatha always found herself somewhat apart from her kin, and they always seemed to regard her as slightly different, as well.

By her 15th birthday her skin had begun to turn slightly silver, and it had hardened more than skin normally would. At last, Kalisthat felt he could not hold back the knowledge of her origins from her any longer and told her the story of her birth and the death of her family. He told her that she was no normal human, half-elf, or elf and he told her more of her mother and grandfather. He also gave her the last of their belongings – including a golden locket bearing the name “Haldosar of Tethyr.”

For the next 4 years Vallatha’s abilities developed at an amazing rate. She began to be able to feel those around her, and to bolster them. She began to learn how to shoot a crossbow, and along with Kalisthat, the two began hunting larger game, such as Remorrhaz. At times they even tangled with the sparse tribes of Frost Giants native to the Spine of the World. Always she wondered about Kalisthat, though. How could a half-elf, so normal and plain, survive in these conditions with so little clothing?

It was a fateful day in her 19th winter that she found the true nature of her “father”, and also lost him forever. The two had seen tracks of the numerous white dragons of the Spine of the World before, and had even chased a few off over the years, but on that day high in the mountains they had encountered the tracks of a huge white dragon and Kalisthat looked worried. The tracks belonged to the ancient white wyrm, Golagoth, the White Death, and he had been waiting in ambush.

In a flash, Kalisthat changed from a simple fair-skinned half-elf into a massive roaring silver dragon as he and Golagoth locked into a vicious battle which Vallatha could only stand by and watch, stunned. The two massive dragons snapped and snarled, ineffective clouds of freezing white breath cutting through the air, as they tumbled and fell down the mountainside – claws and teeth raking. At last they crashed onto a glacier in the valley below and disappeared down into a huge crevice.

Vallatha arrived below to find the two dragons locked together, spitted on a massive spire of ice lunging up from the depths below. Golagoth’s spine had been snapped and the ancient white wyrm was dead, while Kalisthat, in excruciating pain from the shard of ice sticking through him, was unable to move. His bulk was too much for Vallatha to budge and she broke into tears at his side. Her father’s last words as the breath left his massive silver frame were, ‘Leave the north. You must go and live, girl. You belong here, but for now, you must leave. Find your real father. He can help you.”

Vallatha did very little for the next week. She was devastated and alone, and did not even know where to start. At last, her father’s words began to ring in her ears and she collected her belongings, her grandfather’s boots and cloak, her mother’s locket, and enough baubles to feed her in the southlands from her father’s personal cache before setting out – away from the mountains.

For three long years she travelled the length of the Sword Coast and the Sea of Fallen Stars, from Silverymoon to Alaghon searching constantly with only a single name to guide her – Haldosar. Her travels eventually took her as far as the old Elven empire of Cormanthyr, to Shadowdale, where she learned of a new name to follow – Corbenic. Again, as if on a wild goose chase she travelled south and back to the west, further south, north again, nearly all the way back to Cormanthyr, and then all the way back to the Sword Coast where she at last encountered the Wardens of Steel, and one of their number, her true father, Corbenic Jeharaz. It was with some sadness that he could not give her what she so desired, but he promised her that if she were to follow Kaelen Vaelor, he could give her so much more than Corbenic ever could. Reluctantly, she agreed and joined the Wardens of Steel.

Personal History of Vallatha

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