Personal History of Lauryll'ana Thandaruil


Lauryll’ana was born into the lesser noble house of Thandaruil. Her father, Tandalos, is a long serving member of the Royal Palace Guard and her mother, Keliasyl, was an artist for much of her early life, and is now one of the finest dancers in Evermeet since taking it as her focus after the birth of her children.

She has two older brothers, Landoral and Senathal. Landoral was trained as a Wizard and is now a Master in the Royal Palace teaching magic to senior students. Senathal trained as a Bladesinger and served for a time in that capacity. He has since decided to pursue a study of the Arcane and is rarely seen.

She has a younger brother, Rothand. He showed great natural aptitude for song as a child, and his talent for singing is in great demand in many of the noble households of Evermeet.


Lauryll’ana is the third child of her parents and was given time to develop and choose her path in life. She was very religious, even at a young age, and chose to pursue a life amongst the faithful of Corellon. She found, however, that as she aged she didn’t desire the strict life of study and faith leading to higher divine magic, and wanted to serve in a more martial capacity, like her father.

On her 48th nameday she joined the small arm of the church of Corellon devoted to martial prowess, protection and duty. She trained hard for many years developing her strength, her natural agility, and her faith.

She started her duties as a young warrior of 96 in serving the Temple of Corellon as a guard by escorting the faithful as they traveled the island. On her 110th name day she was given a prestigious assignment to escort a high ranking Cleric to Evereska as a reward for coming of age. He insisted he travel by normal means and not by gate.

The journey was long, arduous, eventful and quite dangerous and she repeatedly proved herself in battle and in treating with other races. During this brief, but chaotic, period her skill and powers developed greatly. The Cleric made it safely to Evereska in large part due to her ability. At the end of the journey she begged leave and continued traveling east to the Dalelands.

She adventured in the Dales for a few years and repeatedly tried to venture deeper into Cormanthyr, but had few successes. When she received word that the Cleric, now a High Cleric, was returning to Evermeet she returned to Evereska and joined him. The journey was far less exciting on the return trip, and the dangers they encountered were far easier for the much more experienced Paladin to handle.

Upon her return to Evermeet she was offered a place in the Queen’s Royal Guard which she gladly accepted. She served in the guard for eighteen years and rose through the ranks quite quickly. It was on her 142nd nameday that she asked for an audience with the Queen and begged for her permission to pursue something that consumed her thoughts – crafting a perfect suit of full plate to honour Corellon Larethian.

She apprenticed with several smiths and proved to have a natural aptitude for the craft. She had grown used to doing basic repairs during her travels, but had never attempted to craft exceptional armour herself. She spent painstaking hour after painstaking hour working on a single suit of full plate. Her goal was to not only complete the armour as a show of duty to her people and her faith, but she also intended to perform a Quest in Corellon’s name while wearing it.

It took her eleven years to craft the beautiful suit of full plate, working and reworking each piece until it was perfect. Her brother, after watching her progress for so many long years, imbued the armour with powerful magic and gifted her a Wood Elven shield he had acquired sometime in the past.

Almost immediately she went to the High Cleric and asked to be given a Quest. She spent the night in prayer and in the morning she was granted a vision – to find and recover a sword in the high mountains of Evermeet.

Alone, she ventured into the mountains and traveled higher and higher with only the vision to guide her. At last, she ventured into a deep barrow where she encountered an alcove and a number of resting baelnorns – she had found a den of the ancient defenders of Evermeet and their gold dragon mounts. When told of her quest to find a sword their leader granted her a blade, but did not tell her any more. She departed, making for the city.

That night she was granted another vision – to sail from Evermeet to the Sword Coast. She immediately set out the next morning and her journey took her to Baldur’s Gate where she was granted yet another vision – ride south and seek out a bridge.

She continued to ride southwards feeling her way road by road, avoiding the gawks of men and showing her sword to any who’d try her. It was a tough road, but she was guided the entire time by the sword which never let her stray from her path.

When at last she found it, a small bridge covering a small stream nowhere near the main road, she was at a loss. She held true to her faith, however, and was granted a third and final vision. She was to guard this bridge and let no man or woman pass who could not defeat her in single combat. If, and when, someone did defeat her she was to bow before that person and offer them the sword that she had been entrusted with.

She spent 4 months guarding the bridge, and in the process killed any evil man that dared to attempt her, including numerous bandits. Many a simple herdswoman was also turned away, much to their dismay. At last, she was defeated by the King’s companion and Hero of the War of Reclamation, Paran Lotharia and the two were immediately whisked away to another location.

Upon their return to Faerun, Lauryll’ana swore to aid Paran in the goal set before him and is now one of his closest aides.

Personal History of Lauryll'ana Thandaruil

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