Personal History of Kaelen Vaelor

Dinadan and Alithia
Kaelen’s father, Dinadan, was a commoner born into the streets of Waterdeep and not much is known of his youth or parents. He was brought into the shelter of Helm’s faithful at a young age and his great natural aptitude shown through instantly. With time he rose through the ranks to become one of the most promising young Paladins amongst the temple of Helm and even made a name for himself amongst the nobility of Waterdeep by winning a lesser tournament. He named Alithia Vaelor, a pretty young noblewoman, as the lady of the tournament.

Alithia Vaelor was the only child of the merchant prince Talus Vaelor, and stood to inherit a vast sum of coin and business. She was pursued by many young men, but after the tournament she had eyes for only one man – Dinadan. Talus was adamantly against the union, but eventually agreed after many of Dinadan’s persuasive arguments. However, he refused to leave his family wealth to a short-lived Paladin and instead left the Vaelor fortune to his brother’s son, Telwyn.

When Talus died of old age a small sum was left to Dinadan and Alithia. They purchased a small home in Waterdeep where Alithia was often left alone. Dinadan was frequently sent on missions to the outlying villages to fight bandits and orc raiders. Even as he moved higher into the organization he still found his time with his family limited due to the equally complex and time consuming matters of command and logistics.
Kaelen was born four years after his parents had been married, and two years after the death of his grandfather. It was both a blessing and a great tragedy as Alithia died shortly after giving birth.

Your early years were mostly in the care of a nanny or with the wife of your ‘uncle’, Telwyn. At the age of 6, you began your training at the monastery of Helm to the north of Waterdeep. For the next 2 years you spent your time learning the prayers and ethos of Helm.

After turning 8 years of age, you moved away from the other acolytes who were to become Clerics. You continued your studies in a wing of the monastery devoted to Paladin training. You studied under several aged and retired Paladins stationed at the monastery. Over the next three years you never had a chance to even touch a weapon. You learned silence, and the etiquette of the court, as well as proper mannerisms. You quickly learned who the most influential people were at court, and where your father stood in the hierarchy of the Order. After living close to 13 years after being accepted he was becoming one of the most elderly knights in the order, next to the Grand Master.

On your 11th birthday the training changed from etiquette and manners to warfare, weapon skills and the Paladin warrior virtues. You were trained in the lance, the mace and both longswords and bastard swords. You were trained mounted combat, squad combat, army combat and solo combat. Attack and defense routines, and many of the basics of Paladin abilities: focusing Divine Energy for Lay on Hands, Purifying diseases and detecting evil.

On your 14th birthday, you were no longer to be a charge of the Monastery, but to become a squire to a paladin of the order. You completed all of the tests showing your knowledge of manners and etiquette, as well as your ability to care for yourself properly and for a horse. You also proved you had retained the knowledge of Helm’s edicts and were graduated from the monastery.

As a celebration, your father Dinadan took you into town to show you the circus and to take you shopping for new clothes before you had to leave to become a squire. As the day was passing and the two of you were making your way towards home, 4 men jumped you and your father. Your father had only his sword, thinking it safe in Waterdeep for an old Paladin. Having no real training you backed away, and the 4 men let you go. Your father killed one, before the remaining 3 converged and stabbed him repeatedly. One ripped off his belt pouch, and his holy symbol of Helm, before fleeing the scene. The last words your father said to you were “Do honor unto yourself, and avenge me my son.”

The order did an investigation, and the three men were found and murdered before you ever got to see if they were in fact the men responsible. The gold pouch was recovered, but the holy symbol was never seen again.

You became the squire of a young Paladin named Kavlyn Brighthandle, who had two years previously been accepted into the order as a full member. For the next 5 years you trained in the sword, the lance, and the mace while traveling alongside Lord Kavlyn. Becoming a fine horseman, and a master of your weaponry. Your skills as a Paladin developed, learning to focus the divine energies of Helm to heal wounded, and cure others of disease. With time you even became strong enough to turn the unliving. You frequently traveled with Lord Kavlyn, going from Waterdeep to Order holdings in Amn and once as far east as Cormyr.

Upon your 19th birthday you were escorted by Lord Kavlyn back to Waterdeep to undergo your final testing in preparation for graduation. Upon reaching Waterdeep you took part in an initiation ceremony presided over by the aging Grand Master. After the ceremony you spent the next 3 weeks undergoing tests of Strength, Will, Faith and Devotion. Proving your mettle as a full Paladin of the Order you passed all of the tests and were admitted to the order as a full member.

After being admitted into the order, you were given your first call of duty: travel to the docks district to heal a small outbreak of a strange and mentally debilitating disease which was affecting large portions of the ‘lesser’ populace. Every day for weeks you traveled to the docks district healing and curing families where you could. When you had nearly completed your quest and you were returning to your small estate, like deja vue it happened again. 3 men came from the alleyways and surrounded you, however this time you were fully armored in your father’s armor, unlike a similar day 5 years passed. You instantly recognized all 3 men as the killers of your father. With 5 years of built up rage you exploded into action, quickly making short work of the three men. Standersby called the watch, and you were taken into custody for your hotheaded actions.

Instead of being cleared of the deed as you expected, a visiting Master of the order which you did not remember seeing before demanded that a tribunal investigate the murders you had committed since your father’s death had already been solved. After 2 weeks of a very one way trial, in which you were not given your adviser in defense, you were banned from the order and all of your paladin abilities were removed.

The blow hit you hard, and you were released from prison on behalf of the order. It was some days later, when you found out that your house had been broken into and robbed, and that the burglars had “accidently” knocked over a lamp while fleeing causing the home of your mother and father to burn down. Thus you were left with a handful of gold, a sword, and the armor of your father. In your heart you knew you were right, and that you had been just, and that this man, Master Artesian Corason Fouris, had somehow forced you out of the order.

A week passed, and you managed to find a place in the docks district which you could call home for a short while. You proceeded to spend a large majority of your remaining money on getting so drunk that you could barely remember your name, and the honor that it once held. It was a week later during one of your rude morning awakenings that you saw Master Artesian Corason Fouris and it was then that you finally remembered him, as he was the man that had taken your father’s position at the Grand Master’s side 5 years ago.

They passed through the streets quickly, and you were left standing in the street, with a half drunk bottle of a very awful wine in your right hand, and your left hand viciously grasping the hilt of your sword.

When your father died he was a Captain, and was considered most likely to advance to the position of Master. The week before you finished your training at the monastic order the elderly Lord Aris Corason Fouris, 8th Duke of Kinrack and Master of the Order of Vigilant Watchers died of old age. The top two candidates were your father and Artesian Corason Fouris, the new 9th Duke of Kinrack.

Personal History of Kaelen Vaelor

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