Personal History of Haldosar of Tethyr

Haldosar of Tethyr was first heard of as a young child growing up in the city of Silverymoon. Not much is known of his origins, but whoever had sent him to be raised in Silverymoon was well in the good graces of the city’s ruler, Lady Alustriel. As the great ruler’s ward he had full access to the city and spent much of his time doing whatever he wanted when not learning from the best tutors available.

Haldosar took quite naturally to the studies of the mysteries of life, magic, nature and all the processes of the world. His natural ability to remember facts and information proved quite useful and often made him a nuisance to his less studious schoolmates. He had a talent for learning magical tricks and was particularly taken with music. He was a poor warrior in truth, but he did learn how to effectively hold a sword.

In his 15th year, his easy and boring life turned upside down. An elven girl from the country, Valla, arrived to study at the school of magic and he was assigned to show her around the city as he would a foreign dignitary. She had grown up in the wilds and he found himself taken with her. She didn’t treat him like the spoiled and well protected ward of the ruler – he was just a stupid lovestruck boy – and that made him even more smitten.

But, in time, she came to grow very fond of young Haldosar and he became her only real friend in the very foreign and urban city. Within a year of her arrival the two had fallen in love, although it could just as easily have been called infatuation. It was not long after marking her first year in the city that she also discovered that she was pregnant.

The two young lovers were excited at the prospect, but they soon realized their foolishness when Valla’s irate father arrived after receiving word. She was immediately removed from the school of magic and was being taken back into the wilds. The two said their last good byes and she ventured off, back into the wilds, while Haldosar was sent away far to the east.

Not much is known of his future after that. There were rumours in Silverymoon that the ruler’s ward had been slain, but nothing was ever confirmed and all traces of the young man disappeared.

Personal History of Haldosar of Tethyr

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