Personal History of Corbenic Jeharaz

Corbenic first appeared as a young man part way into his third decade of life on the streets of Sembia. Not much is truly known of his origins, but he appeared with a large amount of coin and a zest for the merchant politics of Sembia. After several short lived businesses and numerous squandered opportunities due to a taste for fine wine and a penchant for loose women, he began his wanderings by starting to the south across the Sea of Fallen Stars.

After two months in Alaghon the young Corbenic found himself short of coin and turned to his natural abilities as a minstrel to earn himself a night’s rest, an evening meal, and infrequently, a place in the hall of one of the landed nobility. His great natural charisma and penchant for being a great entertainer eventually got him into the greatest estate of Alaghon to play before the prince of the city.

The Prince of Alaghon, Ilaster, was an aging man with an ambitious and adventurous son, Ordrian. He proposed the undertaking of a great adventure and Corbenic, always interested in excitement, offered to join the heir on his journeys. Within a month a band of adventurers had formed around Ordrian and they set off to the south toward the dangerous orc and giant plagued mountains of Aphrunn.

Not much is known of the adventurers’ battles and travails in the mountains, but one thing is certain – Corbenic and the Paladin of the party, Urdyon, were the only survivors when they washed up on the shore outside Hlondath two months later. Knowing they could never return to Alaghon, the two men continued south, heading across The Vilhon Reach to Nimpath.

Another adventuring party was formed by the two men with investment by a local lord, providing them arms and armour and enough money to recruit three additional adventurers. They set out into the Winterwood in search of the lord’s long lost family keep. Again, little is known of Corbenic’s adventures in the Winterwood, but within a month the entire party returned with a great sum of coin and magic. The lord was overjoyed and Corbenic left his companions to continue their adventuring ways as he set off towards the great holy city of Arrabar.

Corbenic once again resumed his mantle of minstrel and played his way into the great houses of Arrabar, rubbing shoulders with the elite and powerful. He eventually made his way up and down the length of Chondath from Arrabar to as far as Reth. He eventually departed Chondath after nearly a year spent amongst the nobility with little more than a bulging purse of gold and a fine suit of dragon leather armour given to him by the Prince of Reth.

Corbenic continued his southward journeys playing in hamlets, far remote baronets, and in the halls of great lords near the cities of Torsh and Hardcastle. Eventually he made it to The Great Rift where he somehow gained admittance to the Underhome. It is said he played for the High Thane and an assembly of the Thanes and it was the first time anyone had ever seen the High Thane cry in public. In proving his skill as a musician he left the Dwarven Empire with an escort of the High Thane’s best warriors as he was escorted to the trade city of Kholtar.

He spent the busy summer months in the trade city playing for the numerous merchant princes and visitors and Corbenic eventually ventured south from the city with another group of adventurers heading towards The Toadsquat Mountains. Adventures in the mountains proved successful and the adventurers arrived in Luiren two months later with the skull of the largest drake ever seen amongst the Halflings. A great celebration was held amongst the nobles of Luiren and it is said that Corbenic played extensively for the ruling family.

At last, after a full month of easy living in Luiren, he said his farewells to his new companions and began traveling west towards Dambrath. Little is known of his journeys through Dambrath or the swamps to the west. He eventually appeared next in northern Halruaa, somehow gaining access to the secretive kingdom of the wizards.

It is said that even amongst the great magicians of Halruaa Corbenic was able to entertain through a combination of magical tricks, oratory performances and musical retellings of the little known Halruaan histories. He became immensely popular within the Kingdom and it was not long before he was personally invited to play on the skyships of all the great houses.

However, Corbenic’s time in Halruaa did not last long as there was a great disagreement between him and the King of Halruaa during a visit to the house of the royal family and a minor, in the mind of Corbenic, indiscretion with Princess Ariasamara. Along with several young dilettante mages he made his way across the dangerous Bandit Wastes to the Shaar. Many of his young followers were not particularly enamoured with the traveler’s life and returned to Halruaa, while Corbenic continued past the dangerous Shaarian lands towards the jewel of the desert, Calimport.

He spent nearly a full year in the desert capital. The rich and powerful pashas always sought out skilled musicians and entertainers and Corbenic was only too willing to provide his services. He moved from great house to great house, but was rarely satisfied. He dallied for a long time, but eventually realized that he didn’t truly have a place in Calimport and set off across the desert towards the city of Memnon and the Kingdom of Tethyr.

The winter sun still proved a brutal reminder of the dangers of the desert during his trek and he was glad to take to the water again on his way north. He spent some time in Zazesspur, but his time there is not well recorded. It was not long before he booked passage on his way towards the peninsula of Vel, and its capital, Velen. However, his plans turned upside down as his small merchant vessel was captured not far off the green forested shores. He had been captured by pirates!

Never one to turn down an opportunity, Corbenic fell in with the Black Admiral’s band joining the pirate’s personal entourage as something of a court jester. Many attempts were made at inroads with the pirate admiral, but little progress was made. Corbenic spent nearly a year as partial pirate, partial captive. At last, having grown quite tired of the association, he made the most of a brief keel hauling stop near Athkatla and disappeared into the mountains. But, he did not go empty handed during his escape and took quite a sum of gems and coin from the now furious pirate.

He ventured south into Amn, but frequently found himself turned away by the lords and ladies for his now distinctly southern sounding style of play. Annoyed, he set out on horseback north towards Baldur’s Gate. He reverted to his old style of living where he played to earn himself a feed or a night’s rest. Upon arriving in Baldur’s Gate he set about getting some relaxation after living on a pirate barge for nearly a year. Much to his surprise, however, the pirates had tracked him to Baldur’s Gate and were hot on his tail.

It was with great luck that he encountered a band of adventurers, the Wardens of Steel, fresh on their return from claiming a dragon’s hoard deep in the northern mountains. They offered him a position in their party, and Corbenic, being hunted by quite an unsavoury band of gentlemen, agreed. He wasn’t prepared, however, to be whisked off to sea again so quickly. In fact, he found himself once again traversing the waters that he had only quite recently preyed upon as a pirate.

Unsurprisingly, the pirates got word of his presence on the tiny merchant vessel and the Pirate Admiral’s best lieutenant was sent to capture it. A mighty battle ensued and the Wardens of Steel managed to get him out of the scrap alive. It was with some relief that they arrived in Tethyr and he insisted they swear off sea travel for some time. It was then that Corbenic officially joined the Wardens of Steels and went on many adventures all across the realms with the party.

After several years of adventuring he finally grew tired of the dangerous style of life and retired. It is said that he now hides his appearance and lives off a huge wage from the King of Tethyr to spy in Amn. No one really knows how they know each other, but it is said that they became close personal friends when they met much younger in life.

Personal History of Corbenic Jeharaz

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