Personal History of Amee Greenleaf

Amee was born the only daughter and child of the Ranger Veron Greenleaf and her late mother, Andaril, who died shortly after giving birth. Veron was half wood elf and half moon elf hailing from near the Orsraun Mountains, while Andaril was a moon elf raised in the Cormanthyran border realm of Rayon Lorilinia. Veron arrived on the outskirts of Cormanthyr along with his parents early in life and became an excellent tracker and guide. He was often turned to by the local elves to guide good natured humanoids through the forests to avoid both the Elven settlements and the more dangerous parts of the wood.

He eventually met Rayon Lorilinia and the two struck a fast friendship. In time he was offered the position of “Master of the Hunt” in Rayon’s realm. He had many duties in this respect including patrolling the surrounding lands, finding bandits and other intruders, and providing for Rayon’s table. It was in Lorilinia castle that he met Andaril and the two quickly fell for each other. While they knew each other only a short while by Elven terms it was said that during the three years they spent together they were inseparable.

With the birth of his daughter and the death of his partner Veron turned to his work and the raising of his daughter. He had much help with his daughter around the castle and he pursued his work with great dedication. Amee always had more than she needed and never went hungry. Even at a young age he began instructing her on the ways of the forest and the hunt.

In the year of her 40th summer Amee’s life changed yet again. Veron had been tracking a group of Stone Giants several days south of the castle, his most hated foe. Only the gods know exactly what happened, but three days later Veron’s body was found. It had been severely beaten by clubs and huge boulders. Rayon immediately led out a force to hunt and kill the giants and while he proved successful, there was no replacing his Master of the Hunt.

Amee was devastated and felt completely alone in the world. Rayon took the young girl as his ward and helped her to find her place in the world. She, like her father, took to hunting and tracking quite naturally and Rayon helped her to develop into a ranger. She was a full thirty years younger than any of the other rangers serving in Rayon’s patrols when she was fully accepted. Her natural ability and skill proved second to none.

In all, she served amongst Rayon’s patrols for 41 years proving her value time and again against bandits, devils, Zhent agents, and the dangerous monsters of the forests. By the time Rayon had decided to depart Cormanthyr she had risen to be one of the senior patrol leaders at the tender age of 130. However, with Rayon’s decision to depart Cormanthyr and the local populace’s decision to join him – her life was yet again turned upside down. She was not yet prepared to depart for Evermeet.

She accompanied the great elven convoy as it meandered its way through the Cormanthyran forests, Cormyr, the Western Heartlands and eventually to the sea near Baldur’s Gate. She served ably as one of the scout commanders on the right flank until she was captured by an overwhelming force of elite orc warriors. The Wardens of Steel, an adventuring group who’d signed on to help the convoy, arrived before the orcs could get too far, however, and she was rescued. It was at this point that she became starstruck by one of the Wardens of Steel, Paran.

As the convoy travelled this only became more apparent to her, and to the other members of the group, but not Paran. She was saddened to hear that the convoy would continue south away from an invading goblin horde and that the Wardens of Steel were staying in Arabel to defend the city and the King of Cormyr, Azoun IV.

Amee continued to serve with distinction with the Elven convoy as it continued to navigate steadily westwards and played a large role in protecting the Elven people once they arrived at the sea. As human and elven shipbuilders worked day and night she struggled with her emotions. At last, the day finally came where the ships were ready to launch.

Amee decided to stay and not go to Evermeet.

She decided that she would stay and watch over the belongings of the Wardens of Steel in the hope that one day soon they would arrive, Paran with them. When that day came she was finally able to overcome her shyness towards Paran and the rest, as they say, is history.

Personal History of Amee Greenleaf

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