Guidelines to building strongholds

Building Strongholds

The process of building a stronghold can be broken down into several stages and each stage carries a percentage of the cost. You can reduce the overall cost of building your stronghold by providing manpower or resources for a specific stage of progress.

Labour 30%
Materials 15%
Transport 35%
Finished Goods 20%


The design stage of your stronghold happens entirely out of game and is simply you at a high level figuring out what you want to have in your stronghold, the overall size of it, and the total costs of it.

For this portion we are using the Stronghold Builder’s Guidebook with a couple of modifications.

  • Use the stronghold component size as listed
  • Halve the cost of all stronghold components
  • Wondrous stronghold components are available on a case-by-case basis
  • Interior Wall vs. Exterior Wall is determined by stronghold size and can be found on page 34
  • Halve the cost of all Wall Materials
  • It takes 1 week to construct 2,500gp worth of stronghold
  • For every 1 size you need 1 average ability labourer (a size 100 castle requires 100 labourers) to construct the stronghold in an average amount of time

At the end of this process you should have the following:

  • Size of your stronghold
  • Cost of your stronghold
  • Exterior Wall cost
  • Interior Wall cost
  • Pre-modifiers Sub-Total
  • General modifiers (as listed in the document sent out at the beginning)
  • Total Cost
  • Total Time
  • Total Labourers

It is up to you if you want to draw out the general shape of your stronghold and it is not required.

The listed total cost is what it would cost you to completely build your stronghold by paying gold for all parts of the construction process (Labour, Materials, Transport, and Finished Goods).


After you’ve designed your stronghold you will know how many average labourers you need to complete the construction in the average amount of time. Listed below are some of the things you can do to reduce cost or increase production time.

Free Labourers

If you can provide all of the required labourers to build the stronghold then you can reduce the overall cost. Labour encompasses 30% of the construction costs of a stronghold, and by providing all of the labourers needed you can reduce the overall cost by up to 30%.

Skilled/Unskilled Labourers

The basic time & cost determined in the design assumes average labourers. Expert labourers accomplish more work and take half the time to accomplish the same amount of work. Poor labourers accomplish less work and take double the time to accomplish the same amount of work. If you have skilled labourers – halve the time required. If you have unskilled labourers – double the time required.

More/Less Labourers

You can decrease the construction time by adding more workers to the project. If you are providing free labourers, you can add up to 1.5x the normal labourer requirements which will allow you to reduce the construction time by 25%. If you are attempting to build the stronghold with less than the average number of labourers the minimum is 50% of the average labourers required and this slows the construction time by 75%.

Hurrying Production

As listed in the Stronghold Builder’s Guidebook you can hurry production of a stronghold by increasing costs. For every 10% you increase the cost of the stronghold you reduce the construction time by 10% up to a maximum of 70% increased cost and 70% reduced construction time.


The raw materials needed for a stronghold are actually the cheapest part of building one. If you can provide the resources to construct your stronghold you can reduce the material costs by as much as 15%. In addition, if you are able to produce the materials on site at the stronghold you completely eliminate transport time (see below).


The most expensive part of building a stronghold is transporting materials from where they are to where you want your stronghold to be. If you have a means of providing transport, or of transporting the materials for free, you can reduce the cost by as much as 15%. If the materials for the stronghold are already on site (very unusual) you can also eliminate the transport costs.

Finished Goods

Once a stronghold is complete it requires finished goods to outfit it. Arms & Armour for Armouries; Tools for Workshops and Smithies; Cutlery and Dinnerware for Dining Halls; Clothes, Beds, Armoires, and Mirrors for Bedrooms; etc. The cost of finished goods can be reduced if the stronghold builder can provide the finished goods himself. This will be decided on a case-by-case basis once the stronghold is nearing completion. At most, a trader might reduce cost by 5%, while a furniture producer might reduce cost by 1%.


Once the stronghold is complete it needs to be staffed to be effective. The staff numbers listed under a specific component in the Stronghold Builder’s Guidebook are the minimum requirements to staff a specific component. Additional staff may be necessary depending on the stronghold builder’s needs.

Military Staffing

The minimum requirement for a 24-hour watch using 8 hour shifts is 3 per soldiers per watch station. For a more lenient (and effective) schedule you may want to consider 6 hour shifts which would increase it to 4 soldiers per watch station. It is up to you to determine how many watch stations there are in your stronghold.

  • A guard post requires 1 soldier to be on duty at all times
  • A wall section requires 1 soldier to be on duty at all times
  • A guard tower requires 2 soldiers to be on duty at all times
  • A barbican requires 3 soldiers to be on duty at all times
  • Certain guard posts may require additional soldiers on duty (guard posts in prisons, for example) and certain rooms may require guards (Throne rooms or Trophy Halls)

Guidelines to building strongholds

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