Character Turning Skill Challenge

Character Turning Skill Challenge


  • Once a character has been cornered or isolated he can possibly be swayed to change his opinion, or even, his allegiance. The PC’s use a mixture of kind words, intimidation, lies, promises, and natural insight to convince the character to be swayed.


  • Variable. Characters have a range of willpowers, from strong to weak, and a range of needs and wants, bordering between extremely demanding and easy to please. The PC’s need to discover what makes a character tick, and quickly, to sway them. If the PC’s accumulate 3 failures they fail the skill challenge.


  • Variable. Characters have a range of power levels and reputations and their ability to resist the PC’s advances is based on that.


  • Example Skills: Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, Knowledge (History), Linguistics, Perception, Sense Motive
  • The PC’s choose which skills they wish to use on a character and in any order they want. Certain skills are “advancers” which advance the skill challenge and continue to break down a character’s resistance. Other skills are “assisters” and simply assist a PC on one more or successive rolls within the skill challenge. To complete a skill challenge the PC’s must use more “Advancing” skills than “Assisting” skills.
  • Skill Examples
    • Bluff (Advance)
      • You attempt to convince the character that your abilities, or the abilities of your faction, are greater than they really are.
    • Diplomacy (Advance)
      • Through artful conversation you flatter the character and gain favour with him.
    • Intimidate (Advance)
      • You directly or indirectly threaten the character – cowing them. Or, you imply that your party provides the best opportunity and you just might be willing to back that up.
    • Knowledge (History) (Assist)
      • You recall an event from the past and use it to discredit the character’s master or remind the character as to why they should put their faith in you.
    • Linguistics (Assist)
      • You use a certain turn of phrase or knowledge of language to catch the character in his own words, confusing him.
    • Perception (Assist)
      • You notice a flaw or danger in the character’s defence or future plans and point it out.
    • Sense Motive (Assist)
      • You notice some non-verbal cues from the character which you use to leverage your position.


  • After asking the right questions, cajoling and convincing, and generally changing the opinion of the character in question he presents his demands and the PC’s either take it or leave it. At this point the character is willing to turn against his previous masters, joining the side of the PC’s, but only on his negotiated demands.


  • The character is unresponsive and uninterested in the PC’s advances and they are incapable of turning him.

Character Turning Skill Challenge

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