Blade of Auros

The unbreakable glass sword of the Shoon Empire's greatest champion

weapon (melee)

Blade of Auros

Obsidian Longsword +3

  • Hardness: 33
  • HP: 24
  • Keen
  • Vorpal (Natural 20’s which crit remove appendages)
    • 1-2 – Lead Foot
    • 3 – Off Foot
    • 4-5 – Lead Leg
    • 6 – Off Leg
    • 7-8 – Lead Hand
    • 9 – Off Hand
    • 10 – Lead Arm
    • 11 – Off Arm
    • 12 – Head
  • Defender

The Blade of Auros belonged to the famous adventurer known as ‘Auros the Rake.’ Auros was famous for his daring adventures and his collection of powerful magical items. Auros was also one of the finest gladiators to ever battle in the Great Coliseum, volunteering to fight for thirty straight days in honour of the Emperor.

The Blade of Auros was his famous longsword which he used for his entire career as an adventurer and similar swords became synonymous with his name. There were four additional blades, similar to the original, made. All of them were made at the request of Emperor Amahl V.

The Blade had a number of abilities:
It was impossibly sharp and was capable of cutting through stone, thin iron and sometimes directly through the arm of a thin man (a typical slave bout in the arena would often result in numerous decapitations).

The sword was considered unbreakable. As a display Auros would often use the strength of the sword (while planted) to stop a charging horse or chariot.

The sword made Auros incredibly difficult to strike and his ability to defend while wielding the sword was legendary.

The Blade of Auros is jet black in colour and is said to have been made of glass, but no one has ever inspected one closely (other than their owners, of course).

Blade of Auros

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