An intelligent good-aligned Elfsword

weapon (melee)

Are’thalion (Lightbearer in Elven)

Bastard Sword +2, Sun Blade

Weight: 3 lbs
Proficiencies allowing use: Bastard Sword, Short Sword

Intelligent Sword

  • Intelligence: 13
  • Ego: 13
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Purpose: Defend the weak and helpless
  • Special Purpose Power: unknown
  • Understands: Common, Elvish, High Elvish

Special Abilities

  • Bloodgroove glows gold when within 50’ of evil creatures
  • Blade glows hold when within 10 yards of evil creatures
  • Once worn by a single user for more than 6 months the weapon becomes “attuned”, providing a 1d10 shock to any other users grasping the sword unless the user intends for the other person to use it
  • +2 under normal conditions, +4 against evil creatures
  • Double damage against Negative Energy Plane creatures (undead)
  • Sunray (1/day): User can swing the sword above his head, spreading daylight in a 10’ radius, spreading out as far as 60’ (5’/rd). Glow lasts for 10 rounds after the user stops.

Forged by Grand Weapon Master Tolnar of Evereska, Are’thalion was created through elven design and dwarven craft at the request of Kaelen Vaelor.

While adventuring in the Raven’s Bluff area, the Wardens of Steel happened upon a powerful scroll of dwarven origin that had been scribed to enchant a weapon with powerful magic. The scroll had sat hidden away for years with a piece of precious ore in an underground complex. After rescuing the pair of items from their fate, they remained unused for a time until Kaelen decided it was necessary on account of his sword being left behind in Myth Drannor.

While accompanying Paran Lotharia to Evereska, Kaelen was introduced to Tolnar. Kaelen told the Weapon Master his tale and Paran spoke on behalf of his human friend. The venerable elf agreed to make Kalen a fitting sword if Kaelen agreed to refurbish his shop and smithy. Tolnar also decreed that the blade should never taste the blood of elves or dwarves. Kaelen was agreeable to these terms and was instructed to return after a time.

Kaelen and Paran returned an unknown amount of time later and discovered that Grand Weapon Master Tolnar was no more. His son was present in his stead, and presented Kaelen with the bastard sword Are’thalion. The weapon was magnificent and neither envious elf nor awestruck Kaelen had seen anything quite like it before. Unique above all, the blade surely has its own destiny.


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