Duke Baderon Pellan

The fiercely loyal and brave Cleric of Tymora


Baderon is a broad shouldered and thick man with dark blue eyes, common features and thin brown hair which is showing early signs of receding. He appears to be about thirty five years of age. When in respectable company he keeps his face clean shaven or his beard neatly trimmed, but when adventuring he often looks unkempt and disheveled. It is not unusual to see him with a thick bushy beard and long lanky brown hair when returning from the wilds.

He wears well worn and slightly battered black full plate armour with small flecks of blue spread throughout. It is obviously of very high quality, and it has also seen much use. He bears a large mithril shield over his left shoulder and a simple steel baton on his left hip. Over his right shoulder is a large mithril warhammer, inscribed with runes. More often than not he is also carrying his backpack – bedecked with adventuring supplies and equipment – over top of his long blue cloak of rich cloth.


Baderon was born to a small family of farmers near the outskirts of Iriaebor. He was recognized for his potential at a young age and his parents grudgingly allowed him to depart to join the faithful of Tymora. He developed amongst the followers of Tymora and quickly found himself amongst the ranks of acolytes serving the senior priests and clerics. A quiet and studious teenager, Baderon often found himself slightly out of place amongst many of the Tymoran revelries. He focused on his spellcasting, his learning of scripture, and even snuck in the odd combat session with the training paladins when he could.

In the summer of his 18th year he was given full commission as a cleric of Tymora. He continued to serve amongst the faithful of Iriaebor, but constantly was on the lookout for adventurers. He would listen for hours in the taverns and inns to any adventurers willing to tell their tales. He himself was usually too afraid offer his aid personally, but he devoured every last bit of information he could.

For a period of several years he served with the city guard of Iriaebor and accompanied a band of mercenaries hunting orcs in the local area, where he served with distinction. Many of the higher ranking members of the clergy thought he was holding himself back as he had stayed with the temple 5 years after becoming a full member. One fateful day in the summer of his 23rd year, however, a pair of adventurers were raised from death at the temple and the man raising them came calling to the temple the next day. A cleric was needed to go adventuring with them and the High Cleric recommended Baderon! He was being ushered out the door before he knew what hit him!

Baderon’s Titles

The Duke of the Northern Plains, the Count of Ria and Ithalar, Lord of the Royal Court, Knight of Tethyr, Grand Hierophant of the Realm, Hero of Arabel, Rescuer of Kings, Hero of the War of Reclamation, Vanquisher of Thieves, First Through the Walls, Queen-slayer, Empress-slayer, Devil-slayer

Duke Baderon Pellan

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