Vaelor / Thyl'ith / Lotharia Campaign

Tuesday, August 28th 2012

This session began as Baderon, Lauryll’ana and Kaelen smashed multiple combatants into the battle churned earth, outright killing them. The short, yet terrifying free fall had placed them right in the middle of the melee. Paran and Vallatha were both deposited slightly deeper into enemy lines, surprising the enemy they landed amongst. A brief and frantic melee ensued amongst the turgid battle line as the Wardens of Steel desperately tried to rejoin one another.

Shortly after landfall, Paran somehow spoke into the confused and otherwise occupied minds of his embattled friends. He beseeched them to fight towards one another. As the three plate wearers tried to regain their feet, a cacophony of fireballs, lightning bolts and other spells was heard going off from the general direction of the wagon and staff Kaelen had just rendered inoperable. Lauryll’ana summoned her fully barded mount into the melee and used him to great effect, effectively rescuing Paran as he somehow bounded around the melee in an effort to reach his companions. While not as devastating due to their lack of magical enhancements, the heroes nevertheless regained their battle composure in short order and quickly reformed their group posture. Enemy soldiers gave them a wide berth and their comrades were seemingly bolstered by their presence. It was at this point that the heroes chose to withdraw, to find another situation to help with and make a difference in.

In short order, Grand Marshal Vajra and the Grand Vizier were found amongst the swirling dust. Vajra was slightly exasperated at Kaelen’s description and reason for the massive explosion and black energy halo, while Valthalas simply and knowingly shook his head at Kaelen. The Grand Marshal subsequently dispatched the heroes to investigate reports of fast moving cavalry approaching the left flank. The Wardens of Steel headed towards the Cormyrian lines and pushed out past them, stopping to look for signs of mounted attackers. Paran quickly spotted dust clouds and eventually incoming cavalry. It was decided that blade barrier would be relied on to hinder and/or stop this attack. As the charging foes grew closer, the heroes began to notice interesting things. Dire boar mounts with armor plates and spikes, small and bearded creatures atop said dire boars with emblazoned shields and axes/hammers, and they possibly weren’t duergar. As the heroes tried to identify the incoming targets, Kaelen quietly suspected the only friendly dwarves it could be would be Bahlin and his kin. As an attack decision loomed, Paran made contact with the approaching riders using message. As fortune smiled upon them, the heroes learned that it was in fact dwarves and that it was Bahlin and his able kin, spoiling for a fight. Kaelen was overjoyed to learn that his dwarven friend had succeeded in his mission to save the enslaved dwarves the party had encountered in the upper Underdark…and that he had promptly turned around to find the war. The heroes quickly explained where they could most easily find quality fighting, and the dwarves got down to business.

The heroes personally made contact with the Cormyrian commanders and the Grand Marshal herself, to explain the situation as they had soon heard the dwarven cavalry begin to chew through the enemy ranks. The Grand Marshal quickly dispatched the Wardens of Steel to the right flank, as she had received reports of the line faltering and men running in fear. The heroes quickly headed in that direction. As they trotted through the churning dust, they suddenly broke out onto a blossoming fight between Kela and the heroes’ personal foe, the cornugon.

The session ended as the heroes prepared to intervene.



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