Vaelor / Thyl'ith / Lotharia Campaign

Tuesday, August 21st 2012

This session began with Baderon, Paran and Kaelen having just watched their cornugon foe fly away. The trio soon were joined by their cohorts and as a group began helping anyone they could, including policing fallen soldiers. Shortly after stabilizing the wounded, Paran spotted a messenger riding hard for the front. He collected his cohort and paced the messenger who informed him the rear was being harried by cavalry. Paran brought this news back to his friends and as a group they made way for the king, realizing that both the middle and end of the column had been hit and that the front might be next. Upon arriving at their king’s side, they learned that the front had indeed been hit – by nasty, evil magics that saw 500 light cavalry become mired and then wilted to death by black rain. (I wonder what the weather is like this time of year in Evereska?) Haedrak was slightly incredulous at hearing the Wardens of Steel had tangled with a cornugon that had attacked his army, but agreed with the report once he learned that Paran and Kaelen had “rode that son of a bitch into the ground.” King NE had received many reports and took this time to fill in the heroes. It boiled down to: too bad we can’t stay baby…but there’s 60, 000 troops headed for us. And cavalry. And casters. And a devil. The Wardens of Steel were ordered to protect and escort the baggage train as Army Groups A, B and C all headed directly east to prepare for battle.

The Wardens arrived at the baggage train to discover it wasn’t making all haste. Kaelen changed the collective attitude with a polite, yet curt directive that the whole group needed to head east, and quickly. After the baggage train was under way, the heroes broke off in order to shadow their charge. Whilst on look out for the roughly 150 cavalry reported in their general area, Paran spotted sign of the enemy far off. The group rode to intercept and managed to find a natural attack point. After some vague, Kaelen-esque attempt at being stealthy, the heroes goaded the enemy into charging…which lead them headlong (and uphill!) into a delightful twin blade barrier, stinking cloud and fireball on top cake. The 100% fatality rate of the enemy pleased no one and the heroes left the scene as quietly as they had witnessed the carnage.

Upon rejoining the army, the heroes saw the queen and grand marshal navigating military politics. They also found their king and Valthalas touring the troops in an effort to stem the flow of positive morale from the situation. Kaelen had already attempted to boost the queen and grand marshal’s morale, and did so again with his king. At this point, Veyra ordered all paladins and clerics to sleep. 5pm. 35C. 76% humidity. Kaelen barely had his armor off before sleep smote him.

The session ended with the heroes being awoken for the plan to the end of all things.


Once you’ve posted it (I’m not sure if you can when you’re posting it?) you can edit it and go down and change the date. Or, I can, anyway. Let me know if you can see that or not.

Tuesday, August 21st 2012

Also, surely you exaggerate. It was no more than 22ish degrees by 5 in the afternoon, with AT MOST 75% humidity. I mean, really.

Tuesday, August 21st 2012


Story telling (or even recouting past events: “The cornugon was DIS big boss!”)means taking liberty with facts, my friend! I will check on the date thing.

Tuesday, August 21st 2012

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