Vaelor / Thyl'ith / Lotharia Campaign

Thursday, June 28th 2012

Another cleanup session with a number of small issues being taken care of and one big event. The session started with Paran Lotharia returning within the walls after recovering his priceless book collection from the old ranch house. He dispatched his low-level followers to hunt for the King’s table, and ignored the arrival of a new follower – the halfling Kartus.

The PC’s attended a meeting at the request of the King & Queen which featured Valthalas Avaless, Baderon Pellan, Vajra Valmejar, King Haedrak Rhindaun, and Queen Zaranda Star. The King confirmed that Corbenic Jeharaz would be arriving early the next morning and that Kaelen Vaelor and Paran Lotharia would be his escorts. It was also mentioned that the Queen Zaranda Star would be making a speech to the assembled people of Zazesspur from the Iron Fortress.

Kaelen Vaelor was told he needed to choose his successor for the King’s Guard and after much deliberation chose Vesen to succeed him. In addition, he found out that Allana Whitemantle had returned to her family after resigning her commission with the Order of the Rising Sun. Cavil the Just blamed Kaelen Vaelor, but was somewhat good natured about it.

The next morning the PC’s escorted Corbenic Jeharaz to the waterfront and spent 20 hours on duty as they watched their old friend use the Lyre of Building to construct the ancient and forgotten Sea Fortress of Karlag. The PC’s carried their exhausted friend back to the Iron Fortress after the fortress was built, but the Lyre was destroyed in the process. Paran Lotharia headed off to sleep, while Kaelen Vaelor and four members of the King’s Guard remained on duty. Numerous fortitude checks were passed, and after spending close to 30 hours awake Kaelen Vaelor was relieved by the recently awakened Paran Lotharia and his hastily awakened cohort, Lauryll’ana Thandaruil.

The session ended with the early departure of Corbenic Jeharaz that morning. Paran Lotharia and Lauryll’ana Thandaruil had a brief breakfast of dry rations before Paran Lotharia departed to continue his training. Early in the afternoon Kaelen Vaelor awakened. All through the morning the sounds of marching boots could be heard throughout the city as the assembled forces of Zazesspur and Waterdeep began to leave the city.



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