Vaelor / Thyl'ith / Lotharia Campaign

Thursday, August 9th 2012

This session began as the heroes awoke and prepared to begin their march to Castle Tethyr. The march was uneventful and took roughly 8 days. Once reaching Castle Tethyr, the awaiting Cormyrian force from Darrowmar was absorbed into the army groups. The morning after arriving, there was a quiet, but official meeting of very important people. The meeting was conducted by Queen Zaranda, and initially detailed some changes to the future political layout of the kingdom. Her Grace also noted that official announcements and titles/honors were pending true success in the effort. Following the announcements surrounding the shuffling of duchies, Queen Zaranda provided career updates:

Vesen – Lord Commander of The King’s Guard
Baderon – Grand Heirophant of The Kingdom
Vajra – Grand Marshal of The Realm
Foxfire – Lord of Arrows
Myrthul – Lord of Eyes
Kaelen – Marshal/Protector of The Realm
Paran – Marshal/Protector of The Realm

All of those called by name accepted their new positions and duties. After the meeting, the entire army was instructed to rest and relax for the remainder of the day. Kaelen took this opportunity to spend time with the Whitemantle’s, his followers and ultimately try and strengthen his political and personal relationships/alliances. Paran continued with his disciplined training regime, as well as providing guidance to his cohort and followers. This specifically saw Lauryll’ana being directed to carve a small shrine and lead those willing in prayer to Corellon Larethian.

The following morning the army departed Castle Tethyr and began the trek to Myratma. The 7 day march was uneventful, but eerie. The lands were completely vacant of life and the whole region seemed supernaturally still. The heroes, naturally, didn’t like this one bit and remained glued to their liege at all possible times. Finally, the army moved to Myratma after facing no opposition and made contact. Haedrak once again relied upon Paran and Kaelen to make contact with an unknown liaison.

This session ended with Paran and Kaelen debriefing their King and his command staff on the situation within the walls.



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