Vaelor / Thyl'ith / Lotharia Campaign

Saturday, September 8th, 2012

The session began with the heroes facing off with their hated foe, the Cornugon, for the third time. The heroes watched with dismay as Kela was sent flying from her horse, landing in the melee raging around them. They kicked their horses into action, charging at the terrifying black beast. Baderon was knocked from horseback, and his horse was snapped in half by the huge creature.

A terrible battle ensued as the assembled might of the heroes unleashed wave after wave of blows on the beast. The divine inspiration of Paran’s Paladin cohort, Lauryll’ana, allowed them to actually hurt the monster, cutting through its damage resistance, preventing it from regenerating, and giving them that extra bit of heft required to pierce it’s unnaturally thick skin.

The fight was short and messy, but the heroes stood triumphant. However, the devil’s arrival had completely shattered the Waterdhavian lines and the soldiers were fleeing. The heroes, using a wall of whirling force blades halted the enemy advance as they raced back to link up, they hoped, with reinforcements to stem the tide. They were greeted by the sound of fireballs and the Grand Marshal’s screaming voice, as Zazesspurian reinforcements stopped the enemy advance. With the help of the heroes, the bulge was cut off, and in minutes the enemy forces were fleeing again. A ragged and desperate line was formed as the Grand Marshal sent the PC’s to check on the King and take stock of the situation.

Kaelen, suddenly realizing he may have forgotten to give orders to his personal forces, raced back to camp to find an angry and annoyed group of his soldiers – loyally following Kaelen’s lack of orders with distinction. A short, yet rousing, speech was made and his soldiers scrambled back into their armour and raced off to join the shaky right flank.

Meanwhile, Baderon and Paran acquired new mounts, while the King gave them a “what have you done” look for the explosion which had rocked the battlefield only a short while earlier. The Grand Marshal, Vajra, returned as Kaelen arrived and issued the heroes to the left flank to force that side to crumble. However, their efforts weren’t needed as the cavalry commander on the left was hammering the enemy flanks and they simply got to join in the rout.

During the chase, however, they came across a smoking area of the battlefield. A massive black disk of jet black rock had formed. Perfectly level and incredibly hot, any fleeing soldier stupid enough to step on it was engulfed in flames. The heroes gave each looks of “what have we done” as they skipped past the devastation and aided in the capture and slaughter of the now completely routed army.

At long last, after 6 straight hours of brutal melee, facing off against a Devil twice, destroying an artefact of power, greeting an old friend, and finishing the rout of the enemy army the King’s armies and the heroes stood victorious.

Only Memnon remained.

Immediately as the dust began to settle, the post-battle cleanup began as Kela and Grand Marshal Vajra were sent on with the freshest men left amongst the three armies to lay siege to Memnon, with the King and whoever else he could find to follow the next morning. As the 5000 men marched off the heroes overlooked the day’s wreckage and did their best to clean their filthy bloody belongings and bodies in preparation for the final conflict.

The heroes, as part of the King’s entourage with 2,000 additional men, spent three days chasing the small fast moving army of the Grand Marshal, but arrived at Memnon a full day behind. As they arrived, they could see the city walls were open, and that part of the city was smoking. Screaming and yelling could be heard for miles.

Kela, much to her dismay, told the King & heroes the story. The night they arrived they had set siege lines and had begun making camp when the gates to the eastern bank of the city opened. Enterprising soldiers seized the moment and charged into the city capturing the south bridge and spreading into the city itself. Small street battles followed, but the city was effectively captured sometime in the middle of the night. The soldiers however, having fought for months with no plunder, having seen many of their friends die only a day or two earlier, and spoiling for some rapin’ and stealin’, set about the city.

The King, not looking particularly fussed about the news, ordered small loyal groups of soldiers into the city to stop any raping or murdering. The heroes scouted the city and found the sack in full swing and eventually left – leaving the soldiers to their plunder.

At long last the war was over.

The Queen called an assembly of all the assembled nobility, generals and commanders, common soldiers and quite literally anyone else who could stand and fit into the small beach area near the river’s mouth in Memnon. It was the 22nd of Hammer, 1369.

The Queen declared that the area would have a shrine built to the unknown soldier who willingly gave his or her life for the Kingdom of Tethyr, and ordered that every city should build a shrine like it to remember the death and suffering of the past several months.

The Queen also named a number of new Counts of the realm, and several new Dukes of the realm, including the three principal members of the Wardens of Steel: Baderon, Kaelen and Paran. With her final word, she declared that this day, the 22nd of Hammer, would henceforth by a great festival and celebration day in the Kingdom of Tethyr – Victory Day.

And thus ended The War in Tethyr campaign.



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