Vaelor / Thyl'ith / Lotharia Campaign

Saturday, May 26th 2007

This session began with the party’s arrival at Port Kir, injured and carrying the corpse of the halfling Corrack. The party was immediately tested by the village’s guards for lycanthropy with a silver dagger across the palm. They were begrudgingly admitted within the walls and escorted directly to the inn at the center of the village with stern warnings to remain within the inn’s walls from dusk until dawn, as a strict curfew was in effect. The inn was nearly deserted with only one other guest staying there…a haggard looking dwarf armed with a large, vicious looking battle-axe. Some of the companions ate an evening meal while others simply retired to their rented rooms for a much needed rest.

During that first night in Port Kir’s inn Vieri was roused from reverie by the sound of someone hacking or chopping at something. Investigating the source of the noise, he found that Kaelen was carving something into the wall of his room, his eyes glowing and an emptied lantern dangling from his free hand. He then dropped his short sword and began striking sparks into the gashes carved into the wall. Uncomprehending at first, Vieri watched transfixed at his apparently possessed companion. A spark caught the wall setting it ablaze, which Vieri hurried to smother and extinguish. Stepping back from the scorched carving it was quite clearly an open, mailed hand facing palm out. Kaelen slept right where he’d fallen after the night-time episode.

The following morning Vieri learned that the symbol was that of Torm, the patron god of duty, obedience, loyalty, paladins and truth. Also that morning, Evrain purchased a new horse and set out with Corrack’s body to return it to his family and ancestral home. The other members of the party collected a substantial gift of coins to be delivered to Corrack’s family.

The party assembled and went to offer their services to the magistrate sent from Ithmong, Asmir. He insisted that with their recent preparations, the towns guards would be ready for the coming full-moon. These claims rang hollow to the seasoned ears of the group, however. Seeking another opinion of the situation, they sought out the guard captain, Javin, who was making preparations from his office near the north gate. Javin told a different story of frantic preparations and guards preparing to respond, but not necessarily a situation completely under control.

Javin accepted the party’s offer and agreed to put them in place on the walls for the night patrols. That night there was a great commotion in the village, the aftermath of which was a confused mess of trails, blood, kill sites and mayhem. After thorough investigations the following discoveries were made: two children of refugees were slaughtered in the back-yard of the magistrate. The magistrate was revealed to be a werewolf himself, however, he was locked securely in a cage. It appears that the magistrate has been managing his condition by imprisoning himself during the dangerous nights of the full moon. The evidence supported the magistrate’s claims and it seemed to the party that there must be another threat about that had actually slaughtered the children.

The following nights were filled with fruitless searching around both the waterfront and the wooded areas bordering the walls. Vieri snuck a peek into the dwarven werewolf hunter’s room and found his clothes to be wet with sea-water, which led to the inquisitions around the docks. On a subsequent night there was a night time attack outside the walls in which the guard captain’s lieutenant was killed while hunting boar. A search for trails and trace revealed nothing beyond the immediate scene. This led the party to the boldly conceived plan to set an ambush using Kaelen as bait. This became a popular plan for the party. The effort was wasted, however, and drew no interest from the adversary.

The session ended with the party gaining a lead about where the dwarf had been headed.



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