Vaelor / Thyl'ith / Lotharia Campaign

Saturday, August 25th 2012

This session began at the Wardens of Steel having just been awoken and instructed to meet in the command tent for a briefing. After armoring and arming themselves, the heroes headed to the command tent which was filled to capacity with heroes, commanders, royalty, nobles, dukes, marshals and anyone else who was to a play pivotal role in the days events. As a well coordinated team, Queen Zaranda and Grand Marshal Vajra described their expectations for everyone. The Cormyrians would hold the left flank and use their superior cavalry to roll the enemy at every chance. The Zazesspurian forces would anchor all of His Majesty’s troops by holding the centre and acting as both a pivot and pushing force. The combined forces of Waterdeep and all of the divine casters at the disposal of the war effort were to hold the right flank and be in position to support the centre group when needed. The direction provided to the Wardens of Steel made the heroes happy: kill or contain anything that a relatively immobile army couldn’t – devils, casters, command staff and any unseen threats. Kaelen and Paran simply smiled at one another.

The heroes assigned highest target value to the cornugon they knew would be back, followed by enemy casters, followed by the Empress, and finally anything or anyone else that posed a extraordinary threat. In order to force the devil to the ground, the heroes tied themselves together with a series of silk ropes. Spells were also memorized and prayed for at this time. The two forces arrayed themselves out, ready to join battle. It was at this moment that a literal wild man chose to ride out between the two forces, each foot atop a different stallion as they charged impossibly fast carrying the axe and sword wielding lunatic across the line of battle. Disparaging remarks were issued by Kaelen and Paran, until they were told that the man was Tempus himself. Tempus being the deity of war. This was humbling for the heroes as they realized that they were only small pieces of a big picture, and that the picture was being watched by the gods themselves.

Battle was joined, and after a time, the heroes cornugon foe issued forth from the rear of the enemy army to scout. After a lazily paced recon, it returned to its master. After its suspected report, it returned to the air and made its way to the Cormyrian forces which were finding success. After a strafing run upon the cavalry, the Wardens of Steel used dimension door and placed themselves in the air, in front of the cornugon, at roughly 650 feet. The cornugon ran headlong into the tangled mess of silk rope and armored heroes. The heroes, under the magic of airwalk, acted as a anchor in the air and caused the devil to rotate via its momentum in the ropes. At this point, the fiend met with a flurry of blows to its solar plexus. These attacks were bolstered by divine power via Paran’s ultra-Paladin cohort. The cornugon prudently fled the scene, having been badly wounded. This left Paran and Kaelen unfulfilled.

As they made their way towards the ground, walking through the sky at a downward slope, the heroes turned back to survey the battlefield and Paran and Kaelen’s cohort spotted a wagon under heavy guard near the rear of the enemy force. After closer inspection of the wagon and those around it via the far sight bow, Paran described what he had seen. It was a elaborate staff with a base/receptacle on top of a wagon, guarded by robed men, women and heavily armored men and knights. This led the heroes to consider the possibility of the staff being used to control the enemy army unnaturally, as had been described by the commander of the Black Guard in Myratma (sp). Given that the staff was on the battlefield, and so heavily guarded, the heroes assigned it a high target value. Kaelen briefly explained that he believed the enemy was trying to control their time and resources, and that their greatest strength was acting on their own timetable, towards targets they decided upon. Proactive not reactive. He wanted that staff, and so did Paran. As a group, they agreed to do something about it.

A quick plan was developed whereby the group would use three dimension doors back to back to back in order to place them above the wagon, on the wagon, and then away from the wagon. They decided not to try and fight, rather Kaelen would grab the staff and receptacle, and then they would all flee through their last dimension door before they faced an enemy reprisal. A sounder notion had never been conceived at 550+ feet before! After reaching the wagon, Paran acted before the enemy could respond and used cloud kill to destroy a large number of mounts and cause their riders unhealthy side effects. The two cohorts chose to prepare for their departure, not wanting to get swarmed by the guards. Kaelen reached over with both hands and tried to lift the staff. He felt a probing evil presence within the item and discovered that he couldn’t budge the staff. On gronkstinct, he quickly slid his hands up the stave and wrenched on it with all his might. To his adrenaline shrouded surprise, the staff simply snapped off with an audible crack. Crackling sparks and wispy lines of powerful magic energy began to weave from both fractured ends of the staff as magical pressure in the area grew exponentially. “Oh shit,” issued from Baderon as his mouth caught up to his eyes and Paran instructed Kaelen to “Throw it away, quick!” Kaelen tossed the wrecked item off the side of the wagon as they all desperately filed into Paran’s last dimension door.

They popped out of the dimension door close to the battle lines and, due to their clearly defined cases of post traumatic stress disorder, delayed slightly before running for their lives. Too few seconds passed before they heard (some glanced to see) a snappy explosion and saw a horrific black halo ring of energy issue forth from the area of the wagon. A gasping breath later and they were falling helplessly towards the ground, the magical enhancements from both items and spells gone.

This session ended with the three heavily armored heroes crushing fighting soldiers as they collided with the ground and Paran and Kaelen’s cohort gently falling via spells.



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