Vaelor / Thyl'ith / Lotharia Campaign

Saturday, August 11th 2012

This session began with Kaelen and Paran debriefing the king and the inner circle about what their liaison, Cador, with the city could inform them of. Following this, 500 light horse pushed through the city to clear the fields to the southwest and to ensure no surprises would come from that direction. Kela and the entirety of the Order of The Rose rode into and secured the city inside the walls for a visit from the king and his staff. The hastily formed city council welcomed the king and asked for food and water. They received water. As well, the following day saw their water sources purified (except the river) and Kaelen and his followers moving through the populace aiding who they could.

On the second day, in the early evening, it was reported that 6 elven scouts had not returned and should have. The king dispatched the Wardens of Steel, along with two cohorts to investigate. They moved east up the river, and then swung wide to the north so as to come into the source of contamination from behind. It was well after dark when Vallatha and Paran both noted a strange island in the middle of the river. Together, they crept closer and discovered a lone man tending the island and that anchored to it was something polluting the water. They collected their friends and the 5 adventurers prepared to unleash some patented Vaelor goblin diplomacy.

This session ended as the heroes entered the dimension door.



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