Vaelor / Thyl'ith / Lotharia Campaign

Legacy of Mir - Act 1 - Session 1

A new dawn for the Wardens of Steel...

The adventure resumes!

The Wardens of Steel, after three long years of building up the Kingdom of Tethyr from their respective duchies, set out to meet up with each other in the city of Saradush in the far east of the Kingdom. Each Duke travelled with a large baggage train full of followers and aides. The varied processions meet with each other along the way and turned into a massive legion of horse carried riders near Orcridge castle and on to Saradush itself.

The Wardens of Steel met with the Duke of Saradush and prepared a plan of action for descending into the Forests of Mir. The following morning, they would set out with their assorted attendants who would escort them to the edge of the forest, before eventually returning back to Saradush and on to their respective duchies, while the Wardens of Steel would press on into the deepest and darkest parts of the forest looking for the ancient city of Myth Bellavae.

The Wardens of Steel led their men south through the Ithal pass and down to the north eastern edge of the Forest of Mir where they said their good byes and ventured on alone.

The party was formed of eight members:

After traveling a few days south along the edge of the forest, the Wardens of Steel turned west and ventured directly into the trees. At first the going was easy, but harder days were to come.

On the third day of venturing into the woods, while encamped near a small stream to prepare lunch and refill waterskins, the Wardens of Steel were ambushed by a vicious purple skinned outsider – a Purple Tenebrous Worm! The battle was short and the party proved victorious, but suffered a terrible loss. Paran’s faithful…ish mount, “Daeodon” the Daeodon was eaten and swallowed whole by the worm, while the rest of the party managed to avoid the worst of the huge creature’s vicious attacks.


The Wardens of Steel dismembered the huge worm in the search for treasure and came across the mostly decomposed body of a drow and a magical longbow. The bow was identified and claimed by Foxfire! Sadly, their dear Daeodon had already left them and was left behind beside the worm to rot. The party was down to 7.

The Wardens of Steel continued deeper and deeper into the woods. The forests grew steadily thicker until they were so thick and dark the brave heroes felt like the forest was as dark on the ground during the day as it was during the night. However, after several days of trekking through the hard forests, they arrived at a river’s edge. Foxfire knew that he could use his nature magic to navigate up and down the river the following morning, so the Wardens made camp that night.

The following morning, Foxfire was able to detect ruins far to the south along the river’s edge and the party set out immediately. A few days into their journey, they heard a huge rumbling coming through the forest and dived into the river to avoid it. They were able to detect a HUGE shambling Immense Mandragora, and with careful use of Dimension Door and abandonment of Lassa, they were able to escape the Immense Mandragora without being seen.


So ended the first session, as the players closed on the lost city of Myth Bellavae!



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